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Eyewear For Dogs

Sunglasses for dogs? No way! Yep - It may seem like a wacky idea, but sunglasses and other types of eyewear for dogs have many uses besides the obvious style benefits. Are sunglasses for dogs just what the doctor ordered? Read on to find out!

Dogs wearing Doggles sunglassesYou've seen them in Hollywood, in magazines, or perhaps even on TV. Glasses for dogs. Sunglasses, prescription glasses, and all other sorts of protective eyewear. These cool, stylish glasses are not just for the celeb pup - Your dog can join in on the fun with his own pair of canine eyewear! And, YES, they're very affordable!

Is your dog walking into things all the time by accident or having a hard time finding his toy collection? Does your dog grimace or paw at his face when faced with the sun's bright yellow rays? Maybe you just have a style-conscious dog who likes to stay on top of what's cool in the fashion world. If you answered yes to any of those questions, then there is probably a pair of specs out there that will solve their problem!

Dogs with fading eyesight or severe vision problems tend to be easily frightened and may be more likely to bite when they get startled. Handling a dog's disability can be challenging and heartbreaking, but a pair of prescription Doggles can help immensely. Many owners of dogs with difficulty seeing swear by them.

Dog wearing Doggles prescription glasses
If you are in need of prescription glasses for your dog, a veterinary ophthalmologist can examine your dog and determine the best course of action to solve your dog's vision problems and even write you a prescription tailored to your dogs needs. This prescription is then sent to a company like Doggles, where the glasses are manufactured, often at a cost of fewer than $100.

Prescription glasses for dogs are helping dogs see better everyday. If your dog has a vision problem due to cataracts or even just because of a natural decline in eyesight because of aging, it would be a good idea to look into prescription glasses so that your dog can lead a happy and healthy life.


Some dogs' eyes are really sensitive to sunlight, and all dogs need protection from harmful Ultraviolet rays. A pair of doggie sunglasses are a great way to block out UV light and will make sunlight easier on the eyes of dogs who are sensitive to it.

The frames and lenses of sunglasses for dogs are available in many different colors and styles, so you can find the perfect pair to match your dog's look and personality. Dog shades are also fun for all the doggies who like to dress up and look cool.

Protective Eye Wear

Eyewear for dogs can also be used to protect the eyes of dogs who like to ride in cars with their heads out the window, on motorcycles, or in truck beds. These fun-loving passengers can get pieces of dust and other foreign objects in their eyes when unshielded. But with a cool pair of glasses or sunglasses, not only would Fido look awesome with his head out the window of your car just enjoying the breeze in his fancy new goggles - He would also be much safer as well. Protective Doggles are also used to protect the eyes of police dogs, search and rescue dogs, and other services dogs while on the job.

Dog wearing Doggles sunglasses
Help For Blind Dogs

Doggles' opaque, black lenses, are perfect for blind dogs, like the glasses that blind humans often wear. These glasses alert strangers to the fact that the dog is blind, which should prompt them to make sure to approach the dog in the appropriate way. Doggles glasses for blind dogs also serve as protection to the eye if the dog accidentally walks into something.

Dog wearing Doggles sunglasses for blind dogs
If a dog has recently undergone eye surgery, a pair of solid black lenses can also be useful as a protective safeguard to the eye. The lens protects their eyes from bumps, foreign objects, and bright light.


Doggles is a brand that manufactures many different kinds of glasses for dogs that are comfortable and durable. They are perfect for dogs with an active lifestyle as they sport adjustable headstraps and are padded with foam to make them more comfortable. Doggles look kind of like a pair of the goggles that swimmers wear, albeit much more stylish and with typically tinted lenses. In addition to being adjustable, Doggles are custom-made for various breeds of dogs. Two soft, adjustable straps keep the Doggles in place - one wraps behind the dog's head, while the other fastens under the dog's chin. Shatter-proof and anti-fogging, the Doggles lens shields dogs from debris and UV light.

The glasses come in a wide range of sizes - To find the right size for your dog, use this sizing chart as a guide:

Doggles Sizing Chart: XS for 1 to 10 pound dogs (Head strap & frame = 5 to 13 inches, chin strap = 3 to 7 inches), Small for 9 to 25 pound dogs (Head strap & frame = 12 to 20 inches, chin strap = 4 to 8 inches), Medium for 20 to 60 pound dogs (Head strap & frame = 15 to 25 inches, chin strap = 5 to 11 inches), Large for 50 to 100 pound dogs (Head strap & frame = 18 to 30 inches, chin strap = 6 to 15 inches), XL for dogs over 100 pounds (Head strap & frame = 22 to 45 inches, chin strap = 11 to 26 inches)

Helping Your Dog Adjust to Glasses

Before you attempt to put your new pair of doggie glasses on your dog, begin by allowing your dog to sniff and investigate the glasses. Give him praise while he does this, maybe even a tasty treat. When he or she gets accustomed to the glasses, tring putting them to his/her face and around his/her eyes and continue to praise them. Do not try to secure the glasses on until your dog feels comfortable with them near his eyes.

When you feel your dog is prepared to wear his new glasses, leisurely start to put the glasses on him. (If you are introducing sunglasses to your dog, put them on him for the first time outside in the the sunlight so he can see firsthand how the sunglasses are helping him. Don't start by putting them on your dog while inside, as the darkness may cause them additional stress.) Give him plenty of positive reinforcement and praise during this practice. Do not allow your dog to paw at the glasses or rub his face on the ground. Take their mind off of the fact that they are wearing glasses by engaging him in a fun activity. Get him used to the glasses in short and positive bursts, and slowly boost the amount of time spent wearing them each time

You should strictly supervise him while he wears his new glasses until you feel your dog is 100% positive and comfortable with them. Otherwise he may chew them or get tangled in the straps trying to get them off.

How To Purchase Dog Glasses

You can get sunglasses for your dog online and in some pet stores that sell accessories for dogs. The price of canine sunglasses is typically about $15-$25. If you want to buy a pair of corrective lenses or glasses for blind dogs you will have to get a prescription after being examined by a veterinary ophthalmologist. Your veterinarian can provide more information on this.

Here are some cool-looking styles of sunglasses for dogs that are available on Amazon:


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Ella said...

Could have used these when one of my standard poodles had a condition in which her eyes were always dilated, due to weak irises. She would squint a lot and the eye doctor diagnosed her. The best we could get was a dog visor, but we had to give up agility and the Christmas parade drill team because of the sun. People thought she wore the visor just to be cute, but it was to shade her eyes.