Thursday, November 15, 2018

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Glasses For Dogs!

Have you seen a dog out and about wearing some funky-looking glasses strapped to their head and are wondering what they were? Or perhaps you're considering getting your pup a pair of their own and want to do a little research before buying? Whatever the case may be, we're hear to answer all of your questions about glasses, sunglasses, and protective eyewear for dogs.

cute dog wearing doggles sunglasses

Why would a dog wear goggles?

Dogs wear goggles (known by the brand name Doggles, which manufactures these glasses for dogs) mainly for eye protection, though some of those goggles may be just like prescription glasses for humans that help correct a dog's vision. Dogs who are blind or suffering from severe vision problems can greatly benefit from these glasses - opaque glasses exist for blind dogs can alert strangers to the fact that the dog is blind, and provide protection if the dog accidentally bumps into something. There are also sunglasses for dogs that can protect a dog's eyes from harmful UV rays and help them see better when out in the sun.

Basically, a dog would wear glasses for all of the same reasons that a human would!

What are dog goggles for?

biker chihuahua wearing doggles sunglasses

Goggles for dogs can serve many functions. They provide protection for a dog's eyes from dust and debris, which is especially great for riding in cars with your head out the window. They can also be used to help correct a dog's vision, protect dogs that are blind or suffer from severe vision problems from damaging their eyes, and some of these glasses for dogs function as sunglasses to help protect the dog's eyes from ultraviolet light.

Military dogs wear goggles to protect their eyes in the field:

Do dogs have bad eyesight?

Compared to the eyesight of humans, yes. A dog's vision is not as highly developed as our's is - Dogs are partially colorblind, don't see detail well, and have a hard time focusing their sight on nearby objects. Dogs don't rely on their sense of sight anywhere near the same extent as humans do, though - their heightened sense of smell and hearing help to make up for their eyesight deficiencies.

Are there prescription glasses for dogs?

Yes. Companies like Doggles manufacture prescription glasses for dogs who need them. You'll need to take your dog to a veterinary ophthalmologist to get their eyes checked and have a prescription written if needed, just like getting a prescription for eyeglasses for a human.

How can you tell if a dog can't see well?

blind dog with cataracts

Signs of a dog suffering from vision loss or blindness include clumsiness, bumping into walls or other objects, getting startled easily, anxiety, depression, disorientation or confusion, lethargy, difficulty finding their food, water, toys, and other familiar items, not seeing well in the dark, walking with their nose to the ground, walking with extreme caution, or walking with an exaggerated high-stepping gait. If you suspect your dog is experiencing vision loss, you can take them to a vet to get their eyes checked out.

A Dog's Eye With Cataracts Close-up

Do dogs need sunglasses?

Probably not. While UV rays can damage a dog's eyes just like it can for humans, most dogs won't live long enough for this to become a problem. Sunglasses CAN come in handy for older dogs with cataracts, however, as a pair of polarized Doggles will help them see slightly better on a sunny day. Sunglasses can also help protect a dog's eyes from injury if they bump into something while playing outdoors, and they're also definitely very stylish!

What size Doggles will fit my dog?

Doggles offers this handy size chart to help you determine what size will be appropriate for your pup:

doggles size chart

Where can I get glasses/sunglasses/other eyewear for dogs?

Doggles can be easily purchased in specialty pet stores, as well as online from retailers such as Amazon. Here's a sample of the Doggles available to buy on Amazon:

If you have any more questions about glasses, sunglasses, and other eyewear for dogs, please feel free to ask in the comments section of this post and we'll do our best to answer them for you!