Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dogs Wearing Sunglasses For Dogs

Sunglasses are cool, and dogs are even cooler - So obviously dogs wearing sunglasses are really awesome!

Dog wearing sunglasses
"Woof Woof - check out my new shades, yo!"

My dog Carter (above) gets it. He knows that sunglasses make him look awesome. The chicks totally dig them, even more than that tattoo he got in his wild adolescent years. But he also knows that UV exposure is not cool. The damage from Ultraviolet rays begins in a puppy's early years, and Carter is old enough now to know that. Puppies need sunglasses. Older dogs need sunglasses. So Carter wears sunglasses. Now, Carter is a smart dude, but sometimes he does things like put his sunglasses on upside-down. Which isn't a problem for him, as these puppies work great either way. Upside-down or right-side up, it doesn't matter. They also have a comfortable head strap so that he can run around and get into his normal doggy shenanigans without losing them.

Pomeranian dog wearing sunglasses
Livin' in da lap of luxury

Dogs and sunglasses go together like cheese and crackers. This is the truth. My dogs won't even leave the house without their shades! It's a great way for them to look cool and impress all their doggy friends. Whether it's a night on the town, a stroll in the park, or even just hangin' around the house chillin', sunglasses are perfect for all occasions!

Dogs wearing sunglasses inside
Sunglasses for dogs come in all styles and sizes - whether your dog is a Lab or a Terrier, punk or conservative, there is surely a pair of shades that will perfectly suit them! Some dogs may prefer sunglasses that are round, and some might like sunglasses in different shapes like stars. Doesn't matter as the types of sun glasses available are nearly limitless - whether your dog likes the standard black or would rather have a more eclectic coloring, don't worry; There's a style of sunglasses for every dog! You and your dog will not be disappointed with all of the choices available!

Dog wearing sunglassesBitchin' Sunglasses!

Some dogs find direct sunlight too bright and uncomfortable. This is why a pair of doggie sun glasses are great - They can still enjoy the outdoors and have fun without worrying about damaging their eyes. All that talk amongst doctors and rocket scientists about UV rays being harmful to your eyes is true for dogs too, you know. Your dogs need something that will protect their eyes from the sun's harmful rays - something that will also make them look awesome in the process. Enter sunglasses! These things are perfect for eye care and fashion alike! You know that a dog's look is really important to him or her - what's the point in not looking as cool as possible?! Sunglasses are a great way for a dog to look their best and really bring out their signature style. This is way better than a haircut or a new pair of shoes - this is something that will let your dog proudly say "THIS IS WHO I AM!" Being fashionable and cool is really important for man's best friend. Does your dog deserve anything less than the best?

Group of dogs wearing sunglasses
Bone Dogs 'N Harmony
Sun-glasses for dogs are the ultimate in eye protection as well as fashion. Whether it's protecting your dog's eyes from harmful ultaviolet rays or just providing them with the most stylish eyewear available, sunglasses are the perfect option. If you want your dog to be cool too, you should really take a look at sunglasses for dogs!

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